About Us

Square Robot was established in 2016 when three veterans of the robotics industry identified a critical need to improve aboveground storage tank inspections. The autonomous robotic solution developed is a huge step forward for the industry. 

Our Mission is to apply Robotic Technology to eliminate the need to put people into dangerous enclosed spaces and eliminate taking tanks out of service.
Our Services will reduce VOCs released from tanks by over 90%, and dramatically reduce the cost to owners and operators.

Our Pillars


In-service tank inspection prevents the release of tons of carbon, solid and liquid waste. People are out of dangerous working environments and the local community benefits from cleaner air.
Major ESG benefits;
     • Eliminating Carbon release associated with traditional inspection services,
     • Stopping the need for human exposure to dangerous & unhealthy enclosed tank environments,
     • Supporting “Environmental Justice” for communities in close proximity to tanks.


The real financial benefit of each in-service robotic inspection runs from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per tank.  Keeping the tank in service more importantly means the tank continues to do its job, earning income and creating value, uninterrupted.
Major Financial benefits
     • In Service Inspection keeps tanks online and productive
     • Over 85% of tank inspections do not lead to repair
     • In service inspection minimizes outage time as it allows pre-planning and provision


Vastly superior BIG Data sets from an array of high resolution sensors moves Tank Inspection from manual, interpretation-based reports to the era of digitization, allowing advanced risk-based analysis, ML and AI.
Major Data benefits
     • Unique high resolution Ultrasonic Data sets provide unprecedented information
     • Allowing clients to use leading edge risk based, data driven, management systems
     • Optimizing asset utilization, minimizing downtime and risk of failure
     • Allowing the use of Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence


Tanks remain in service throughout negating the need for alternate storage, cleaning, purging waste disposal, or manual inspection. Autonomous robots delivering factual data negates industry reliance on the availability of highly experienced senior inspectors.
Major Operational benefits
     • Displaces the need for Senior Inspectors with years of experience
     • Tanks stay in service throughout the survey
     • Critical Service tanks remain available