First Robot Designed for Gasoline Inspection Finalizing Development

March 23, 2023

Square Robot, the world leader in robotic tank inspection, is in the advanced development stages on its next generation robot, which is being designed specifically for completing in-service robotic inspections of gasoline and other volatile products and internal floating roof tanks.  This will be the first robot ever developed that is capable of performing such inspections.

The development of SR-3 follows the success of SR-1, Square Robot's first generation robot currently inspecting Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs) containing high flashpoint products, in accordance with API 653. The SR-3 is designed for compatibility with gasoline and other volatile products and the launch of the robot directly into the product through the side launcher will remove all potential exposure to oxygen.

The side launcher is designed to launch and recover the SR-3 robot from an AST's shell manway.  The Side Launcher enables operations to completely immerse the SR-3 robot in the tank product before being launched into the tank, avoiding the transit of the SR-3 robot through the vapor space.

“Completion of SR-3 opens up a world of new tanks for us to be able to inspect and keep from going out-of-service,” said David Lamont, CEO Square Robot. “The emissions released from a product like gasoline when taking a tank out-of-service is over 5x that of diesel. Our customers have been looking for a solution for gasoline and we are excited to be able to provide that solution in the upcoming months.”

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