Square Robot Inc. Expands Its Robotic Inspection Services to Europe

February 16, 2024

Houston – Square Robot, Inc., the leading provider of robotic inspection services, is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Carlston as Vice President responsible for the company's Europe-based business.

With a robust track record of conducting over 170 tank inspections worldwide, including successful operations in Europe as recently as September 2023, Square Robot's innovative technology sets the standard for best practices for the in-service inspection of above-ground storage tanks.

Leveraging the success of their first-generation SR-1 roof-launched robots, Square Robot introduced the next-generation SR-3 side-launched robot to U.S.- based customers in September of 2023. Having completed over 20 successful operations in the U.S. and Middle East, the SR-3’s technology and side manway launch capabilities enable the inspection of tanks containing both high and low flashpoint products. “Completion of SR-3 opens up a world of new tanks for us to be able to inspect and keep from going out-of-service,” said David Lamont, CEO Square Robot.

With Chris Carlston’s appointment as Vice President of Europe, Square Robot has taken the first step in building a permanent presence in the region. Plans for 2024 will include establishing a regional office and operations support center, assigning robots and their associated support equipment permanently to those regions, and developing a pool of domestic talent to support the long-term growth of the business both in Europe and beyond.

Square Robot’s decision to globalize its operations highlights a strategic move to profoundly impact above-ground storage tank maintenance and inspections across the continent. Chris Carlston captures this sentiment perfectly, stating, "I am excited about introducing our robotic inspection technology and services to the European market. With a dedicated office and robots stationed in Europe, we are poised to meet the specific needs of the region, while promoting the adoption of our robotic inspection technology.”

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