Square Robot Revolutionizes Robotic Tank Inspections With EPRI’s Incubatenergy® Labs

November 14, 2023

Square Robot, the world leader in robotic tank inspections, is celebrating the successful launch of a series of in-service storage tank inspections in partnership with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) through the Electric Research Power Institute’s (EPRI) Incubatenergy Labs Cohort program.

Square Robot executed three rapid tank inspections in three days, a significant departure from the conventional 30-day timeframe for typical out-of-service inspections of similar tank size and condition.  The trials demonstrate the exceptional value and advantages of Square Robot’s submersible, autonomous robot for in-service above-ground storage tank inspections.

The inspections were held at the TVA’s Marshall Combined Cycle Power Plant in Kentucky. API 653 inspections were completed for three fuel oil storage tanks, each 62 feet in diameter and able to hold about 1 million gallons of fuel oil.

According to the TVA, an out-of-service API 653 inspection could command up to 30 days of project time per tank. Using its SR-1 submersible robot, Square Robot performed all three inspections in only three days while the tanks remained fully operational containing fuel oil.

The robotic inspections eliminated hundreds of hours of out-of-service downtime and high-risk confined space entry work. They also avoided almost six tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions typically required to take a fuel oil tank out of service for inspection.

The fourth and final robotic inspection under the program with TVA and EPRI will be for a 92-feet diameter fire water tank at the Magnolia Combined Cycle Plant in Mississippi. Following the successful completion of the program, the Square Robot team will present its findings at the EPRI Incubatenergy Labs Demo Day in Vancouver, Canada, in November.

Square Robot has successfully inspected over 130 tanks for more than 40 operators in five countries, including approximately two dozen in the power sector.

Director of Sales Stephanie Nolan said: “We would like to thank the EPRI and the TVA for their leadership, interest, and support to introduce new technology to the power industry.  This pivotal trial clearly demonstrates the advantages of Square Robot’s unique tank inspection capabilities in creating significant financial, operational, environmental, and safety benefits for power generators and the communities they serve.”

About Square Robot

Square Robot Inc. is an information technology service company delivering above-ground storage tank inspections and subsequent reporting using autonomous, submersible robots designed and built in-house. Square Robot’s team provides its services both domestically and internationally, giving clients the ability to stay in compliance with regulations and make informed decisions on their tank assets through the highest quality data currently on the market. Square Robot works with a passion behind its mission: to use robotic technology to keep humans out of dangerous, confined spaces and reduce released emissions, all while providing clients with compelling commercial benefits.  

About Tennessee Valley Authority

The Tennessee Valley Authority is the nation’s largest public power supplier, delivering energy to 10 million people across seven southeastern states. TVA was established 90 years ago to serve this region and the nation by developing innovative solutions to solve complex challenges. TVA’s unique mission focuses on energy, environmental stewardship, and economic development. With one of the largest, most diverse, and cleanest energy systems – including nuclear, hydro, solar, gas, and advanced technologies – TVA is a leader in our nation’s drive toward a clean energy future.

TVA is a corporate agency of the United States, receiving no taxpayer funding, deriving virtually all of its revenues from sales of electricity. In addition to operating and investing its revenues in its electric system, TVA provides flood control, navigation, and land management for the Tennessee River system, and assists local power companies and state and local governments with economic development and job creation.

About Electric Research Power Institute

Founded in 1972, EPRI is the world's preeminent independent, non-profit energy research and development organization, with offices around the world. EPRI's trusted experts collaborate with more than 450 companies in 45 countries, driving innovation to ensure the public has clean, safe, reliable, affordable, and equitable access to electricity across the globe. Together, we are shaping the future of energy.

About Incubatenergy® Labs

Incubatenergy® Labs is EPRI’s industry-leading global program for innovative startups. Startups engage with energy companies to demonstrate and deploy innovative solutions in targeted areas, in an accelerated fashion, through paid demonstration projects.

An energy company summit and collaborative demonstrations program in one, the program links startup companies leading the advancement of electrification, decarbonization, and grid modernization with leading energy companies from around the world that have the capacity and desire to demonstrate and scale those innovations.

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