Square Robot's SR-1 Robot Completes Over 500 Hours of Operating in Fluid

August 26, 2020

Square Robot just reached a milestone that we are proud of. Our SR-1 robot recently passed the 500 hours operating in liquids mark!

This means that our SR-1 robot has provided over 500 hours of NDT inspections in diesel, jet fuel, and distillates.

Our SR-1 robot is an autonomous hovering vehicle, that relies on its sophisticated autonomy engine to execute goal-based missions without operator intervention. While the autonomy engine is consistent across all iterations of SR-1, each vehicle can deploy specialized payloads, making the robot highly adaptable for operation in a wide range of environments and applications. Whether inspecting a ship’s hull or an above-ground storage tank, our autonomy engine can support many autonomous platforms.

To celebrate this milestone, we are going to highlight each of our SR-1 robots over the next few weeks. In these posts, we will review each robot’s history, specific features, applications, and more. Stay tuned!

Please reach out with any questions and to learn more about our robotic inspection services.

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